‘…The Government says this Budget is just the beginning. And it is. The beginning of extreme policies with an extreme impact on the Australian people. This is just the beginning, turning Australia into a place most of us won’t recognise – a colder, meaner, narrower place. Losing our sense of fairness and our sense of community. I believe in a different Australia. An Australia where your destiny is not pre-determined by your parents’ wealth or your postcode.

A fair and prosperous nation populated by a creative and productive people…

The Government forgot you in its Budget – and it forgot what makes our country great.

It forgot opportunity. It forgot reward for effort. It forgot the fair go.

Well, Labor hasn’t forgotten. We still believe in fairness.

We still believe in an Australia that includes everyone, that helps everyone, that lets everyone be their best, that leaves no-one behind.  

This is the Australia that the Prime Minister has forgotten. And it is the Australia that Labor will always fight for…’