That veritable organ of climate change denial ” The Australian” has published an opinion piece by Maurice Newman, the business adviser for Prime Minister Tony Abbott, calling for an investigation into the warming bias of the scientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. (BOM).

Many readers of the article have been outraged by the comments of Newman, who has a history of making unqualified remarks against climate change action and especially including his constant tilting at windmills of the electricity generation type, they and the Greens Senators should call his bluff by supporting his call and instigate such an inquiry.

For balance the inquiry should add a component that also looks at bona fides of those making the claim of climate scientists fudging the science. In particular it would look at the vested interest of those making the claim, and who is funding the “independent spokespersons”  such as the well travelled Lord Monkton and the line up of mouthpieces that grace the Murdoch media with their quasi-scientific views.

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch could be called in to tell the inquiry whether he has a vested interest in preventing the uptake of renewable energy by publishing the proliferation of denialist views in his media outlets.

An inquiry should establish if a criminal offence is being committed by either side of the debate by falsifying the information for their own profit. After all if the scientists are correct millions will die and many species will be lost from warming of above 2 degrees.