The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s lawyer Gavin Millar QC spoke recently (16/10/14) about mass surveillance of the media industry at a conference organised by the NUJ and the IFJ. Millar, of Doughty Street Chambers, is supporting the Bureau’s application to the European Court of Human Rights challenging the UK government on its routine surveillance of journalists’ communications.

If the ECHR decides there is inadequate protections for legitimate journalistic communications the UK government will be ruled to be in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights and will be forced to respond.

The case was filed in the court on September 12 2014. Lawyers working on the case include Millar, Conor McCarthy at Monckton chambers and Rosa Curling at Leigh Day solicitors.

Millar spoke on the second panel of today’s conference, Big brother is watching you: mass surveillance of the media industry, alongside prominent media lawyers from ITN and the Guardian, as well as the president of the Newspaper Guild and the Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent.

The conference was hosted by the Guardian.

Read about the Bureau’s challenge to the UK government over whether UK legislation properly protects journalists’ sources and communications from mass surveillance programs here. You can also get the Bureau’s court documents or read a summary of the case.