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  1. Asbestos Bishop – The Real News Channel | Facebook

    Asbestos Bishop.  It just so happens that Julie… Bishop was also a Lawyer, but worked for  Edo Voloder Julie Bishop was a solicitor for ASBESTOS MINERS!

  2. Bishop’s lawyer work a source of shame | Herald Sun…/bishopslawyer…/story-e6frf7kf-1226525303…
     Nov 27, 2012 –  attack on deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop for her work as a lead lawyer  compensation claims from workers dying of asbestos diseases.
  3. Powerhouse | Asbestos: Dust Settles On The Low Moral Ground

    Jun 3, 2013 – And guess which former lawyer-turned-federal-politician counted James That would be the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop.

  4. Julie Bishop’s legal past: Clayton Utz work in wake of AWU scandal…/juliebishop-on-her-own-legal-past-the-interview-…
     Nov 30, 2012 – I wouldn’t…

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