To combat online censorship, Reporters Without Borders is unblocking access to 9 news websites in order to make them available in the 11 countries where they are currently banned.

The nine mirror sites created by Reporters Without Borders…

  1., blocked in Russia, is now available at
  2. blocked in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, is now available at
  3. The Tibet Post International, blocked in China, is now available at
  4. Dan Lam Bao, blocked in Vietnam, is now available at
  5. Mingjing News, blocked in China, is now available at
  6. Hablemos Press, blocked in Cuba, is now available at
  7. Gooya News, blocked in Iran, is now available at
  8. Gulf Centre for Human Rights, blocked in United Arab Emirates, is now available at
  9. Bahrain Mirror, blocked in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is now available at

This list is also available at

To help make freely-reported news and information available in these countries, all Internet users are invited to join in this operation by posting this list on social networks with the #CollateralFreedom hashtag.