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Reporters Without Borders is celebrating its 30th birthday...

“These 30 years of struggle could not have been pursued without the community that supports us. We invite you to see how we have defended a cause for 30 years…”


Right now we are getting constant requests for help from journalists in danger in Burundi, reporters in Syria under attack from both the dictatorship and barbarity, and Saudi bloggers who are jailed without any kind of trial. The needs are enormous and your support is necessary.’

To mark the 800th year of Magna Carta, the Australian Human Rights Commission has released an animation, interactive infographic and teachers resource on the story of our freedom.

Transcript is at

Animation produced by The Explainers.

The 4 millionth refugee flees Syria

On a sweltering day in early July, UNHCR staff at a dusty crossing point on the Turkish border registered the four millionth refugee of the Syrian war. The tragic milestone confirms Syria as the single biggest refugee crisis in a generation, one that has left thousands of families living in desperate poverty with no end to the war in sight.

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15 Year of Australia for UNHCR

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