“the revolution will not be televised” sung the late, great Gil Scott-Heron.

It will be on your iPhone, though.

© jfreos 

Gaddafi just doesn’t get it. Disconnected literally and metaphorically. The paucity of his awareness of this momentous shift in communications will be his undoing. His reasoning is “they’re all crazy”. But where are your clothes, emperor? All too recently rehabilitated and propped up again by the bastardly B’s – Bliar and Berlusconi, with their spooky and suspect Libyan shenanigans. Carnage in the present moment, meted out by Gaddafi’s interior troops and mercenaries; victims of Lockerbie lurking in the shadows of our consciousness.

The blindspot for Gaddafi today – the rapidly diminishing effectiveness of dictatorial social power dynamics in the face of increasingly ubiquitous digital media. Just before Christmas, a BBC correspondent reported from a busy Kabul street , describing the smart phone as “The Swiss Army Knife of the 21st C”. Only months later, change sweeping North Africa and the Middle East makes this pocket knife seem more like a sophisticated, nuanced battering ram – an animate object.

An antidote to tyranny.