Keith finished his snippet on the iPhone vs Gadaffi.

He then read this very irritating article in the right-wing national newspaper, The Caucasian, about Ronald Dumsfeld’s forthcoming visit to Melbourne, written by the bearded foreign editor, Ben Harridan. “Bloody Bush apologist, neo con…’mates’ with Bliar and mouthpiece to Toad of Toad Hall himself, that shell-suited walking flag with the glasses.”

Dumsfeld too still disturbed the hell out of Keith. Down with the flu a few months back, he’d re-watched House of Bush for the umpteenth time, but had pressed black+white on the remote when Dumsfeld was featured. He had then imagined that Dummy was speaking in German. One long segment on Guantanamo had cage shots interspersed with his demented justifications – snarling, arrogant, sociopathic, rimless spectacles….sweaty eyelids like fried bacon rinds.

Errr, it’s 2011 and Eichmann is alive and well and living in DC. Banality of Evil – again. Nothing banal about its’ consequences right now. Ask the orange cage men of Cuba.  Ohh, but you can’t…and neither can I.

“Now that brutish, neoCON bastard certainly deserves a good caking” muttered Keith as he suddenly realised that the solution to several of life’s particularly niggling problems lay in his fridge and flour tin…“I bake therefore I am”

Below Harridan’s swooning Dummy piece…a creepy looking, famous actor is trying to sell newspaper readers expensive watches, on the basis that he has this extraordinary hidden talent…the watch on his wrist, with its dials and buttons, is the signifier of this talent. Keith was thinking, “could it be timed Meccano construction …? Flying model airpl…