The interpretOr recently saw large advertisements in local ‘community’ newspapers for private asylum centre management provider, ‘Serco’. The copy describes this organisation as ‘Living, thinking, acting locally’…and the creative is a photo of a smiling, twinkling Serco employee with a caption that describes his passion for weekend hockey and an invitation to find out more about what a sweet guy ‘Graham’ is by going to

How cuddly.

Examination of Serco’s 2010 financial results in their own annual report as follows:

Serco Group plc – 2010 Results 12 months to 31 December – profit before tax – £213.9 Million

% change YOY: 20.8%

The perspective of the interpretOr is that our community should also be presented with objective information about Serco, rather than the fiction of soft advertising that is attempting to humanise institutionalised misery for money.

HSU & June emailer gives the Serco strap line/brand proposition “Bringing service to life” a whole new meaning…

“And a month ago we announced the discovery of a report by an independent UK inspectorate into a hospital in Scotland run by Serco. During  that inspection 6 of the 8 wards failed basic hygiene standards.

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