Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of US based Goldman Sachs, has hired Reid Weingarten from the law firm Steptoe & Johnson LLP. Weingarten is known to have represented top corporate executives who have been charged with wrongdoing, including former WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers and also Enron executives…errr, including the latter’s Chief Accounting Officer.

Blankfein and his enormously powerful Goldman Sachs, were instrumental in the sub prime Ponzi bingo – see recent interpretOr posts… the origins and characteristics Of financial crises Their man Lloyd Blankcheque has keepered this elephant in the proverbial for a whopping great six years; I kid you not.

That’s an awful lot of time during which an awful lot of toxic debt was marketed to investors under rather awful false pretences, and with a Goldman Sachs seal of approval clenching the deals. Why not just Google Goldman Sachs archive of releases and investment advisories to get a fuller flavour.

Complicity, collusion and arrogance are the hallmarks of this particular ‘big(?) swinging dick’. Blankcheque even graced the pages of Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year, pretty happy about his leather and mahogany world.

Well, as we’ve announced earlier here at the interpretOr…”Guantanamo! Now open for business.” An orange jump suit would match his tan and we have unconfirmed reports that cage conditions are sub-prime. Hey, he could even have his own gurney…