So, tell me Tony. How the devil are you, my dear chep?

Well, uhmmm Lord Christopher. Smashing to hear from you. 

The bicycle, Tony. Is the bicycle working?

Why yes, Lord Chrissie. The bicycle is working, erhhmph, literally and metaphorically…The boys at News were right, ya know. Leni too. I feel quite at home now in my cycling pants.

Symbolism of cycling in the modern age. Bowis Johnson and Dave Cameron bicycling gave the public the warm and fuzzies. “Smoke scweens” shweeked the latte cwowd…

Cognitive dissonance, or uhmm, something like that…but really, Campbell’s off to a strong start and Clive’s tickled pink, err, very pleased.

Is it twue, dear Tony, is it weally twue thet Flinty’s weleased video tape cassettes of the Windsors?

Yes. ACM are really pushing the envelope and engaging with the youngsters. The opportunity for cadet Australian’s to see Prince Charles letting his hair down and disco dancing with Sir Cliff. Quite frankly, stirring stuff. David has even provided voice over on poignant segments.

Smeashing. The dulcet tones.

Phase Four is firming up with ‘opportunity to win’ soon to be ubiquitous. Campbell’s implementing library closures as a priority and when I acquire my rightful place, the internet will be the exclusive preserve of Seven Media, News and Gina.

As it  ought to be, dear Tony. And as it shall be.

At the end of the day, Lord Chrissie…quite frankly, yes.