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Christmas 2010, David Cameron had a festive lunch at the home of Rebekah Brooks,  also in attendance was her  then boss, James Murdoch…oh, and Elisabeth Murdoch and Matthew Freud too. Cosy…(see earlier interpretOr circa mid 2011)

June 2012 and Old Etonian, ex Carlton Communications PR man, David Cameron PM is before the Leveson inquiry.

Just how was that lunch, David Cameron?

Fear-trade ambassadors, arms dealers, ‘logistics profiteers’ and associated disaster capitalists now have their own chain of C21 luxury hotels in conflict zones, according to German news magazine ‘Der Spiegel’:

‘Enclosed by towering concrete walls and barbed wire, the sand-colored building is surrounded by lush green lawns and manicured flower beds — a haven of luxury amid chaos. Snipers patrol the roofs, and entry, strictly controlled, is subject to numerous security checks. Guest are patted down, while their baggage is scanned twice and sniffed for explosives by large dogs…’

click here for the full story @ Der Spiegel (English)

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