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‘The fact that Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted only 72 days can have a longer-lasting impact on the news in America than any environmental policy initiative. High gasoline prices (in the US “high” means that a liter of gasoline costs the equivalent of €0.77, or less than half the price of gasoline in Germany) are so important to so many people that they could decide the election. The fact that 52 percent of Republicans in Mississippi believe that Obama is a Muslim, or that 46 percent of Americans believe that man was created precisely as is written in the Bible can make political debates extraordinarily tedious…’

The President of Disappointments: How Obama Has Failed to Deliver click through to Der Spiegel

By Ullrich Fichtner, Marc Hujer and Gregor Peter Schmitz

Go on then Fones, put it to the test then, if you’re so damn sure! Go on, you potato of a man. Wretched, viscious…potato…bastard.

Ohhh, what vile scum duth I hear before me? Just crawl back to your microbiotical vegetable garden and yer…and yer friggin’ mung beans, you, you…

So to what, exactly, do you attribute global warming, ehh? You overpaid, foul-mouthed bigot, you…

Foul mouthed, foul mouthed?? I’ll let you jolly well know, that by MY calculations, human beings produce a mere, trifling 0.000001% of carbon dioxide – ya know – ceee ohhh tooo – in the earth’s atmosphere. 0.000001 percentile points…

Yeahh, right. And I’m a banana.

That you may be. Climate change…climate change is caused by the seasons. The SEASONS, man. Autumn, summer…err, errr…

Have you totally lost it, Fones?

Winter. Winter and autumn. Look, don’t you know WHO I AM. I’m Fones, NORB FONES!!!!

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