“In a stalled economy, in a period of public discontent, in a dead heat less than five months out, Romney is primed for a victory in November. But it won’t come by default.” (the Caucasian, 13/6/12)

Ben Harridan filed his copy. Heck, he was breathless. He had such a warm, almost euphoric sensation as he dispatched. This business of his felt good again…darn good. “Rootin’ for Mitt! Mitt Romney USA…and all the way!” he exclaimed.

As is his usual custom upon concluding a significant piece, he ripped the lid off his tupperware container with his right hand and high fived his freshly ironed pair of socks. “rock ‘n roll”, Janette…Janette, get me…get me Turk Thrust. Ya know…Turk in the Romney camp…

“Turk, Turk it’s Ben here. Ben Harridan calling from Oz…”

Ben. Ben! Buddy. Ben, howarya?

“Tip top, Turk. Tip top.”

Greyate, Benn. Now, what can we dooo fir ya?

“Splashed with “Romney primed for victory”

Good boy, Ben. Heck, ma freyend, we won’t forget ya…

“Do you think MR will see my piece, Turk? Will he, will he…will he?…”

Will he? well, ….