The Nation / By JoAnn Wypijewski

Every once in a while, a situation arises that so completely captures the spirit of the time—in this case, the horror moving like an amoeba under the surface of our pleasant days, our absurd distractions, our seemingly serious politics—that ordinary assumptions, ordinary arguments and their limited conclusions serve only to obliterate honesty, and so any hope of grappling with the real. Such is the case of Julian Assange now.

“With Assange, the political context is the totalizing immorality of the national security state on a global scale.” 

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The interpretOr adds that the New York Times, Boston Globe and other US broadsheets reporting that the offensive video that has been the catalyst of this weeks anti-American riots across the Middle East was “promoted by a shadowy assortment of right-wing Christians in the United States” and linked to book burning Florida pastor, Terry Jones.

Wag the Dog?