An interpretOr heard Wayne Swan say this on RN (Oz) a few weeks back….

“Changes start long before they 

become statistics”

Coming from the Oz Treasurer, quite a refreshing contrast to the voodoo-economic bull and conformist, fear-twaddle peddled by the Opposition and the Sheridan, Christopher Cheeseman chorus in the ghastly Caucasian

Concerned about US Republican “cranks and crazies”, Swan’s seemingly not too taken with the book of Mor(m)on either…Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz may be more his thing… come to think of it, he’s shown a bit of oomph on Gina-greedy-guts and not-so-‘fair’-dinkum Andy too…wonder if he’ll join some of us in our efforts to send Sheridan, Howard, Blair et al to Guantanamo, via the ICC in the Hague? Now, that really would be a change.

more here @ the book of Mor(m)on: a histOry