“Heck, Mitt’s bounce is smashing!!”, gushed Greg Sheridan…the newsroom at the Caucasian cheered. Cheered it did. Filled Sheridan with glee….ohhh, back with glee to fond memories of his first prayer breakfast with former President George W Bush…A much maligned tower of moral courage. He was just such a good darn president. Tip top. I was the only non White House press corp correspondent allowed to record this memorable initial meeting…one that I shall never forget. It branded my conscience with a vision of a stronger tomorrow, and I delight in sharing this recording with you now:

Nnn Gahhhd. Gahhhd, He spoke to me. Said son, you’re the one. The one with tha gun. Nnnn aah sayed  – Holy Father, I damnn that maan, that maan, Sadddaaahm.

Ahhmen, pruzudunt Dubbya. Ahhmen a doodly ooodly.

Nnnn Gahhhd, Gahhhd spoke to Deck. Spoke to him, heee deeeyed. “Deck.” “Deck,” he sayed, “Deck yur pruzudunt needs ya. He needs yahh real baaad…”

Pruzudunt Dubbya. Pruzudunt George, sur,  praise be, praise be Deck.

Nnnnn, ahh sayed, Greyeggg. Aprroach me Greyegg. Come to Dubbya. Nnnn, Greyeggg, he did. He come ta Dubbya.

Greyegg darn come to Dubbya. Greg, Greg, Greg Sheridanne.

Nnnn, Gregg Sheridanne. He come ta Dubbya. Nnn ahh sayed, Greyegg. Bless yahh, Greyeggg. Nnnn he sayed..Sir, ahhh praize that mann, that mann Deck. Baptized in fire – dya know, dya know that Deck bought hiz first house at 12, he had toiled ironing bibles. Ironing bibles for $25 an hour.

Nnn Gahhhd, He praised Deck. Nnnnn prayz Deck. Nnn bahhbles. He knoweth not leezure.