It seems like our universe has entered the anti-world of Doctor Edward Teller.

Edward Teller, a brilliant physicist who has been described as the father of the atomic bomb, proposed a theory of a parallel anti-matter universe where there was a mirror opposite to everything in this universe. He hypothesised that if the anti matter came in contact with matter it would cause a massive explosion. It appears that in the opposite world  there is also anti truth.

A clear example of anti truth is the debate over a price on carbon. Climate scientists and conservationists are being to painted as self seeking destroyers of the Australian way of life, while the uneducated rantings of dollar blinded climate change sceptics and shock jocks is treated with reverence by the  media and especially by News Ltd.

In Australia right now there is a desperate campaign by right-wing politicians and newspapers to create another anti-truth. They are painting a new sanctified picture of serial abusers like the Sydney radio  shock jock Alan Jones, and his mate, Tony Abbott the leader of the opposition.

Those that were abused are now being blamed for objecting while the abusers are being presented as the victims.

The blatant dishonesty of this campaign would make Goebbels blush. As Goebbels would know this technique is not new. The Nazis used relentless negative propaganda to vilify the Jewish and other minority communities with slurs that were clearly untrue. To counteract the obvious truth, lie was layered upon bigger lie until the truth was perceived as a unpatriotic lie. These lies desensitized the public to the ethnic cleansing that followed.

After years of abuse and muck raking aimed at Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Labor supporters have hit back with a campaign highlighting Abbott’s thuggish behaviour as a student political leader. They linked this to his bullying and disrespect for women in and out of parliament. Abbott suffered a significant drop in the polls.

In response, Abbott’s minders have wheeled out his wife and daughters to tell Australians that Tony is not a misogynist and actually, Tony is a really nice bloke who even watches TV soapies with them. Desperate Housewives comes to mind. More was still to come.

Reacting to violent sexist commentary from Alan Jones against the female prime minister of Australia, thousands of outraged Australian women wrote to Sydney’s 2GB and their advertisers to complain about Jones’ comments. As a result many of the companies withdrew funding from his talk back program.

The loss of this substantial amount of money spurred the avaricious Jones and his backers to accuse the complainants of being a “lynch mob” who are” bullying” the people paying his wages.

These days the domination of the media by far right corporate interests ensures that the truth is reconstituted to suit their will. They value integrity and demand to be paid highly for it. In doing so the media have become the enemy of the people. A relentless ongoing campaign of lies and distortions is being used against anyone who threatens the profit or the political control being exercised by corporations.

For the past two years Rupert Murdoch’s Australian media empire has been on a mission to unseat the sitting government. However, their latest Abbott rescue mission is so hysterical and unbalanced that the once respected paper has used up the last remnants of respectability and will find it hard to survive into the future.

A bright light in all this murk and gloom is the emergence of online social media as a counter to the excesses of the corporate media. It must be clear to shock jocks like Jones and to Rupert Murdoch and his army of sycophants that their time in the sun is at an end. An army of women are ready to take them on.