We have reached a point in time when the level of our technical knowledge has gone way beyond the wildest dreams of past generations.

Indeed we can build a tower of glass a mile high to produce solar energy. We can change the genetic construction of our flora and fauna, even change our own bodies. We can now fight destructive wars in foreign countries from our lounge rooms using remote robots.

Although we have communication technology to enable anyone of us to contact anyone else, anywhere in the world, we are losing the ability or empathy to really listen to and understand each other.

Why is it our parliaments are characterised by combative argumentative oppositional political parties? Why do they mislead and propagandise us about wars and other crucial issues as though we are small children who can’t handle the truth?

Parliaments were meant to openly discuss important issues and arrive at the best solutions for our society through discourse and consultation. Not through a battle of ideas as they now claim.

Discourse is a method of honest examination of issues to arrive at the truth or best outcome not a competition for inflated ego’s to strive for popularity.

We are also being blinded to the fantastic possibilities of enriching our existence. Greedy men offering us trinkets and trivia in exchange for our countries, our planet and most importantly for our lives.

Many of us no longer dream our own dreams or follow our own hearts, and instead live some manufactured white flour and sugar existence dreamed up by marketers and politicians employed by the warmongers and the shallow and greedy profiteers.

The creative and caring and builders amongst us like the poets, the philosophers, musicians, healers psychologists and farmers, are not being heard.

We need them to step out of their shelters to create a new discourse, to build a society where people can see and hear and decide for themselves without the help of Rupert Murdoch the Koch brothers or Big Tobacco.

If we are to create a better world we need to challenge those who foment conflict for profit and power and who would convince us that those other tribes are different from us and wish us harm. We should not slaughter them for their oil and pretend it is for their good and our safety.

 Like Frodo Baggins, it is time for us to challenge our addictions and cast the ring of power into the flames of Mount Doom.

Our powerful weapon is not a bomb it is peace, discourse and understanding. We can start by talking to each other, to our families, to our friends and to our colleagues. It is only through each of us and our individual awareness and action that change can be generated.

We also need to pressure to our representatives to reform our parliaments. In particular to exchange the combative posturing that leads us round in a circle of negativity and abuse, for a more exciting and fulfilling role. The creators of a new more aware and more humane society.