moncktonhereditaryhatMonckton here, but yooo people, yooo subjects of the wrealm can call me Lord Chwistopher. Blighty’s a tad chilly at the mo, so it weally warms my heart…my heart and soullll, to hear news of dear fwiends…dear fwiends down there in Auwwwstwaylia – Alan, Bolty, Sir David Flounce (OAP)…Sir David end Tony…let’s not forget master Tony…cawwying the sacwed message, the   sacwed message of monarchy to the distant ends of empire….

…it gives one gweat, gweat pleasure to share with yoooo, my antipodean subjects, the 2010 Oration for Monarchy by none other than master Tony Abbott:

“The wellsprings of its appeal are instinctual as much as rational: more akin to loyalty to a team, solidarity within a family or faith in a church than they are to support for a policy. Deep down, they are the heart’s reasons that reason doesn’t know…” Tony Abbott

The 2000 monarchist sycophant addwess was delivered by John Howard, and ACM are weally moving with the times…migwating from video cassette to some new fangled DVD thingummy….