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“Rupert…really great to see you again…” uttered a neat yet jet lagged tony abbott, hovering in the cavernous 6th Avenue, 87th floor doorway and all toried-up from London, barely containing his obsequious excitement and saccharine glee…”Boris, Boris says a big hell…”

“K’ take a seat.” barked Rupert, swivelling in his winged chair, ahead of the coffin-shaped boardroom table at New News Cor…

“Look, we uhhh…we are moving forwards…on a, on a…”

“No. YOU look, Abbott”, snarled Rupert…”you look rightly here…these, these numbers…” iterated with reptile forefinger jabs…”you look rightly here.”

“Yesss, I can see them…see them clearly now, the numbers,…quite frankly, at the…”

“So much for your woolly Liberal “stop the boats” rhetoric. This is the godddamnnn New News.”

“Stop…stop the boats?”

Stop stop the boats!

Stop…stop the boats!”

STOP stop the boats! This is New News Corp. The New News. ‘nd yours? Your new news, Abott???

‘Strong Australia’, mein…Rupert. Rupert. The, uhhh, the Strong Australia digital, errr, ebook launch release, across multiple ahhh, multiple platforms, your exce…

Articulating THE VALUES, DIRECTIONS AND POLICY PRIORITIES of my next coalition government???

Yes, master…articulating your directions and, and…moving forwards on a strong and robust front…

A, a STRONG front.

With opportunity…to…

Opportunity to win…


Justice Steven Rares:

Even though I have not found that the combination was as wide as Mr Slipper alleged in his points of claim, the evidence established that there was a combination involving Mr Ashby, Ms Doane and Mr Brough of that kind.  Mr Ashby acted in combination with Ms Doane and Mr Brough when commencing the proceedings in order to advance the interests of the LNP and Mr Brough.  Mr Ashby and Ms Doane set out to use the proceedings as part of their means to enhance or promote their prospects of advancement or preferment by the LNP, including by using Mr Brough to assist them in doing so.  And the evidence also established that the proceedings were an abuse of the process of the Court for the reasons I have given.  Accordingly, I am satisfied that the exceptional situation that enlivens the Court’s power to dismiss (or stay) proceedings as an abuse has been proved to the heavy standard required:  Williams 174 CLR at 529.

Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411: p75

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