Just this January, deadly floods have devastated Queensland and we’ve had to add a new colour to the weather map as parts of Australia broke records reaching nearly 50 degrees. This could be the new normal, but the election has just been called and we have a chance to push our government to do much more to combat climate change. 

It seems crazy, but taxpayers in Australia pay $1.7 billion every single year to fuel mega-mining machines. These gas guzzling trucks, diggers and bulldozers fry the planet. If we can close this huge loophole, we will save mountains of money and could force the richest companies in Australia to be more efficient with their fuel. Let’s end their fuel free ride. Treasurer Wayne Swan can strike this line from our national budget —sign the urgent petition below to urge him to act, then forward this email to everyone. When we reach 100,000 signers, Avaaz will set up a mining truck installation outside Parliament House to deliver our call to Swan’s front door:


Drought, fires, flooding, tornados; we’ve seen it all. Scientists predict that without more immediate actions, the temperature of the planet could rise by over 4 degrees before the end of the century. Sign the petition now, and then forward this email widely: 


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