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Refugee rights rally in Melbourne, July 27.

Below is an excerpt of a piece @ Green Left Weekly by Sam Wainwright

After promising not to “lurch to the right” on refugees if he returned as prime minister, Kevin Rudd dramatically did just that with his plan to send refugees to Papua New Guinea for processing and resettlement. He says no refugee who arrives by boat will ever be settled in Australia.

This is a draconian plan beyond the dreams of hardline racists like Pauline Hanson and John Howard. Yet despite this, leaders of the ALP left, such as Doug Cameron and Melissa Parke, have defended the policy.

Both piously claim to be concerned about saving lives at sea. Rudd’s policy won’t do that. But it will reinforce the racist poison that is a disaster for refugees and for the ordinary Australians whose lives will be worse because of it…

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Well folks, he’s struck again! Guerilla Gina Rinehart impersonator ‘Mike Smith’ was ejected from the audience of Sunday’s Australian Federal election debate.

Just minutes before proceedings were due to begin, the buzz of the crowd at the Australian Press Club venue was punctuated, if not punctured, by loud and repeated shouts of…

“Ponts. Big ponts. Ponts!! B…i….g P….ontsss!!!

To a mixture of boos, cheers and applause, beefy Mike was escorted from the event…By day, ‘Mike’ runs one of Australia’s ‘big four’ high street banks, but ….


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