this story first appeared 05 Sep 2013 | Scott Ludlam

Today’s threats from Tony Abbott to axe funding for Perth’s rail projects, slash public service jobs, and rip billions in aid from the world’s poorest people shows people must vote Greens in the Senate to maintain checks and balances.

“In the event of a Coalition Government it is crucial that one party doesn’t get total control of Parliament, and Mr Abbott certainly reminded us of that today with his drastic cuts,” said Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam.

“Today Mr Abbott confirmed he will not provide one cent for rail in Perth. Perth is crying out for better transport infrastructure and the Coalition will cut $500 million in rail funding for Western Australia.

“Make no mistake – Perth’s urban rail was named on Mr Abbott’s hit list revealed today, marked ‘do not proceed’. This from the guy who wants to be known as an ‘infrastructure Prime Minister’.

“It is no wonder the Colin Barnett has tried to keep its Federal funding requests a secret – his Liberal mate Tony Abbott won’t give him a cent.

“Only the Greens have a costed, comprehensive plan to improve public transport in Perth.”

Senator Ludlam said the drastic cuts announced today showed the Coalition could not be trusted with total control of Parliament.

“The extreme cuts announced today are another reminder – people must vote Greens to keep Mr Abbott from controlling the Senate,” said Senator Ludlam.

The Greens public transport initiative for Western Australia:…