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“Even as it (Britain) walked out on you and joined the Common Market, you were still looking for your MBEs and your knighthoods, and all the rest of the regalia that comes with it. You would take Australia right back down the time tunnel to the cultural cringe where you have always come from.”

Paul Keating addressing Australian CONservative supporters of monarchy…27 feb ’92…


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    Aug 30, 2013 – Authoritarianism, nationalism, and, ultimately, fascism are not  who is currently running in the electorate of Cook against Scott Morrison.

  2. Extremism goes mainstream in Australian politics | Irish Echo

    Mar 6, 2013 – Liberal Party immigration spokesman Scott Morrison  aim at asylum seekers in a way that would make the fascist British National Party blush.

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    Dec 11, 2010 – Cloud Computing has been flexing its muscles over the past week, much to the discomfiture of the American government and numerous other 

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    Tag Archives: Scott Morrison. Post navigation. Smashing the fash: fascism in Australia. Posted on August 31, 2013 by mindmadeup. Added by Rafi Alam on 

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     Useless Fascist, SKD, 2/15/11 3:21 AM, “…Federal Opposition immigration spokesmanScott Morrison criticised tax-payer funded flights for relatives of some of 
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     2 days ago – The victim was a locally known MC and an anti-fascist activist.  to capture the seat of Cook from the capable hands of Scott Morrison, while the 
  7. Australia To Get Fascist Government | the interpretOr

     Aug 18, 2013 – Liberal Immigration Spokesperson Scott Morrison has unleashed a new the Liberal Party has crossed a significant line into world of fascism.
  8. Behaviour protocols part of asylum policy: Morrison…morrison/…

“This week Tony Abbott has lived up to all we feared.

Tony Abbott has been Prime Minister officially for only a little over a day and already he has:

  • Banished women from all but one of the senior positions in his Ministry – and made himself Minister for Women;
  • Shut down the Climate Commission and the Climate Change Authority, ending their roles in informing Australians of the impacts of global warming and the necessary emission reduction targets to address it;
  • Abolished AusAid, making a mockery of Australia’s commitment to tackling global poverty;
  • Re-introduced temporary protection visas, which will see refugees sent back to danger faster and is in breach of international law;
  • Abandoned Ministries for science, climate change, disabilities, aged care, families, community services, mental health, early childhood & childcare, youth, international development, housing & homelessness…

I know many people are feeling despair about what Tony Abbott and the Coalition have in store for Australia.

But you don’t need to feel powerless. Join with us now. “

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