“This week Tony Abbott has lived up to all we feared.

Tony Abbott has been Prime Minister officially for only a little over a day and already he has:

  • Banished women from all but one of the senior positions in his Ministry – and made himself Minister for Women;
  • Shut down the Climate Commission and the Climate Change Authority, ending their roles in informing Australians of the impacts of global warming and the necessary emission reduction targets to address it;
  • Abolished AusAid, making a mockery of Australia’s commitment to tackling global poverty;
  • Re-introduced temporary protection visas, which will see refugees sent back to danger faster and is in breach of international law;
  • Abandoned Ministries for science, climate change, disabilities, aged care, families, community services, mental health, early childhood & childcare, youth, international development, housing & homelessness…

I know many people are feeling despair about what Tony Abbott and the Coalition have in store for Australia.

But you don’t need to feel powerless. Join with us now. “