The white vans taking away Sri Lanka’s ‘disappeared’
They come in the dead of night in unmarked white vans. Suspects are told they are needed for questioning and are never seen again. That is the account of hundreds of relatives of the so-called “disappeared” in Sri Lanka. After Iraq, the country now suffers the highest number of forced abductions in the world. Thousands vanished at the end of the war. But the abductions continue to this day. Human rights groups say on average, one person is “disappeared” every five days.Indian film-maker Leena Manimekalai travelled undercover across Sri Lanka to meet the families of the disappeared – who are determined to speak out despite the huge risks. Her film will be shown on Channel 4 News tonight.

Meanwhile Jon Snow is in Sri Lanka, waiting for David Cameron to arrive. Mr Cameron has argued that by going to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, rather than boycotting it, he’s better able to “shine a spotlight” on the human rights situation there.


Watch the preview video: White Van Stories: Sri Lanka’s ‘disappeared’