Current issue: July 2015

Greece and the EU, what next? Russia re-enters the Balkans; Ukraine, inflating old fears of Russia doesn’t help; Mali, rebuilding a nation;South Africa, betrayal of a dream; radical Islam,Christianity of the poor; football, who pays for top clubs? the new Panama scandal; hooked on the Net…:

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Sobriety, not austerity — Philippe Descamps

The UN’s Paris climate change conference in November doesn’t hold out much promise. Since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, fossil fuel consumption has gone on growing. The Green Climate Fund launched by the UN in 2011 has attracted only €10bn to date. In 2013 subsidies for fuels responsible for greenhouse gases totalled €400bn worldwide — four times the amount allocated to renewable energy sources.

Any international agreement will fail to keep global warming within 2ºC if governments insist on (…)

Translated by Charles Goulden