The JIC (Joint Intelligence Committee) of the British government has directed the Home Office to convey the Obama administration’s terms re Ben Harridan to the detention unit at Heathrow…

“Inspector Weeting, the Obama people are adamant. No latitude. Mr Harridan has conspired with Hague ICC held master criminals…Chesney, Bliar, Dumsfeld. The evidence is in print – black and white. His words are recorded there in the newspaper archive. I mean, fuckin’ hell Charlie, he has salivated and gushed over them all. He had access to venal aresholes of the highest order! He even recently described Dubbya as “visionary and morally courageous…” I mean, the man is a criminal and a craven turd…let me read you a bit of his recent Bush/Cheney revisionism in his ghastly rag:::

“Rich Armitage, Paul Wolfowitz, Bob Zoellick – with very deep Australian connections, and a doctrine that put solid allies ahead of all others. Howard sensibly took maximum advantage of all that this offered.Right now the whole world is absurdly against Bush. If he jumped in front of a speeding train…”

I mean..Inspector Weeting, the Armitage/Wolfowitz/Zoellick troika had a doctrine of malice, discontent and exploitation. What doesn’t he get yet? I mean, listen to this, I’ll patch it in, it’s an excerpt from Harridan’s interrogation of late:::

Mr Harridan, let me put this to you…as Foreign Editor of the Caucasian, do you consider that you have influence?

We  provide our readers with information… Don’t you know who and what I am!? This, this, this is quite simply a kangaroo court…

Harridan. Just answer the question. Influence, yes or no?

Yes, ok, ok. At the end of the day, we have a measure of influence.

A measure, Mr Harridan? Can you elaborate?

Look, I’m the bloody chap who does the heavy lifting. It’s not easy traversing the globe and …I’m sure, a more balanced understanding of Bush’s achievements, as well as his failures, will emerge.