Dear Gina. Dear, dear Gina…well, congwatulations are in order!! Splendid achievement.

Ohh Lord Chwissie, I weally, weally hoped that this was to be you. You upon the telephone…

Dear Gina. Dear, dear Gina. Your pa would be pwoud. Why, you have the midas touch.

Ohh Lord Chwissie, it’s my cwowning achievement. World’s…richest…WOMAN! Andy Pandy sent me a congratulatory telegwam and exclaimed that he was considerwing a sex change!!

Did he now! Did he now, ho-ho. You and he embody a ‘fair go’, Gina. ..A great big, luvelee jubelee fair go. Tony’s tickled to bits too over this and he wants to nail Australia’s richest man!

Lord Chwissie, he’s married with childwen. Just what on earth do you mean?

Nooo, nooo, dear Gina. Tony…wants …Australia…to have a world’s richest man title.

Hahh, yooo are a card, viscount B. A weal card. I’m getting wather poety amidst West Perth’s ambrosia hues. I’m on fire….I’m nucleartastic…it’s mine…it’s all just bloody well all mine!!!

And all mines, dear Gina. All mines…