Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott shows his true colours in refusing to support a proposal to put in place an anti- corruption body or new codes of conduct for Members of the Australian Parliament.

Abbott considers that striving to demoralise and brutalise Craig Thompson on the floor of the parliament so that he will resign or have a psychological meltdown is a better solution for him to become Prime Minister than waiting for the next election, or for the proper procedures of the parliament and the law to be followed.

This shows two vital aspects of Abbott’s character. The first aspect is his ruthlessness that allows him to continually put his own ambition above any other consideration. The second is his deceit.

Abbott does not want stronger codes of conduct because he knows that at least one of the members of the Liberal/National coalition is likely to be caught by its provisions and penalties, and therefore strip her vote from the coalition negating the possible loss of Labor’s Craig Thompson.

The true reason Tony Abbott does not want to wait for any of the proper procedures or solutions to be used is because he wants an immediate election while Labor is at its weakest point. He does not want Labor’s program of reforms to be implemented because he knows they will be popular and that his alarmist rhetoric will be shown to be untrue, leaving him revealed as the emperor with no clothes.