“This country is a soft touch, that’s the problem,” said Tony Abbott recently in regard to asylum-seekers.

As an immigrant to this country, I’m very reassured through meeting other Australians that the toxic views of Abbott and his cronies are very much those of a minority. A man ‘leading’ a party that tries to make political capital from the agony of the world’s most vulnerable human beings is disgusting.

Here at the interpretOr, we think it’s timely to repeat an earlier posted question:

Tony Abbott, what would you do if you and your family were awakened by the armies of the night? Would you not seek sanctuary and shelter?

His position is as illogical and spiteful as demonising the victims of accidents or natural disasters. Actually, perhaps it’s even worse. That victims of war and oppression are burdened by the scorn and intolerance of people in relatively free, wealthy countries is odious and craven.