fearfax or rinedigi, Lord Chwissie…what do yooo think? asked Gina.

Gina, dear, dear Gina…how the devil are you? Smeashing to hear from you, all the way down there in Auwsstraylia. Super doops!

Well, Lord Chwissie….fearfax or rinedigi?

I, I, I, I wather like fearfax. Look, they’re both inspired, on message. Ehhumphh…the former wolls off one’s tongue and has a wather clever bwand pwoposition…ya know, my gal, keep the trogledites in line, what? What? Hahahh…

Lord Chwissie wissie…yooo are just my soooper doops pair of eyes and ears in Blighty…you’re kinda like an extention of my bwain!

Heavens, heavens…tell me my dear, dear Gina. Tell me…is it weally twue about Harridan and flegship editorship opps?

Ben’s packing his bags as we speak. He’s a fowern editor of such, such, such…

Mowal couwage? 

Yes, thet’s the expression I was searching for…that and of wepute! My hirsute, sandled Ben!!!

And Norb Fones and Flinty are getting a pwoper look in too…look in too with your new toys? Ahumphh, dear Gina?

Oh yesss, yesss….it’s all mine. All of it…It’s just blooody well ALL MINE!!!