This week, the Greens are introducing a bill into Parliament to prevent media ownership changes unless they pass a public interest test. Labor Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of the idea — but the media moguls are already attacking the proposal — and without his support, the bill will die. But if we give Conroy our backing now, we can push Labor to side with the public and stop the runaway consolidation of our media.

The media used to serve the public as a check on government; now these corporate media barons are using it to control government.

Sign the petition to Minister Conroy now to ensure Labor backs the bill to stop them and send this to everyone: 

Here at the interpretOr, we support Avaaz as an independent, member-driven group that has been instrumental in building the foundation for media reform. From pushing for this year’s independent inquiry, to submitting thousands of public comments onto the public record, our influence has made a crucial difference.

This is our chance to begin building the kind of media our democracy so desperately needs.