“….towards a more obedient Australia!

We need an Australia where people DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO DO… not the  sort of wishy washy  do what you feel place of unecessary joy and looseness.

Let us drill down, as an illustration, on our brethren. Dutton… Yes, it was a young Peter Dutton who grasped ‘opportunity to win’ with both hands. Both hands, firmly….Quite frankly, Peter’s steely determination and moral courage saw him become a proud Australian home owner by the time he turned 12. Taking the lead from the example of certain morally courageous US counterparts, young Peter took a job. He “got on his bike,” quite frankly literally and…errrr, metaphorically…He got on that bike of his…fellow Liberals…he got on that bike of his and went door to door. Door to door, delegates, look, door to door ironing bibles. Ironing bibles for $11.50 an hour!

We will achieve this lofty goal by moving forwards with opportunity to win…moving forwards with opportunity to win on a united front!!!….

Fellow Liberals, let us look now at Scott. The indefatigable…le…Scott Morrison. Heck, so who said mobile hair dressing is for wimps?..t’was a young Scott who took to the scissors, delegates, he….”