When I look in the mirror I don’t see me…I see Sir Cliff Richard. But when I look at pictures of Sir Cliff, I still see myself instead of him…it’s a bit bonkers and spooky-tastic…looking like someone famous…lucrative, too.

Ahuuhh, ahh…two and a quarter years ago…everyone started saying that I looked like Sir Cliff , then one of my friends sent me photo to a lookalikes online agency ( and my whole life changed. I was an HR manager at News Corp, and then suddenly I…I was doing a shoot for Top Gear magazine, trying on outfits and helmets that Sir Cliff  would wear to his plantation…in the sun with Tony Blair – when the latter was in office, of course….anywayz, because I study him a lot, I look at pictures and try to copy his style and gestures.

He looks quite natural, so I don’t wear much make-up…except for a lot of black eye lasher, and I keep up me tannin, regularrr… I’d like my legs to be thinner like Cliff’s, and I’d like to be taller. I’m 5ft 4.6in – Sir Cliff’’s 5ft 7.3 ish-in. …There’s pressure to go to the gym more, but I’ll never be as mega and pumptastically-poptastic as Sir Cliff . And I’m from Essex, so sometimes I feel I should speak a bit posher when I make appearances. I don’t know about you, but every time some joker points me out as I walk through an airport wearing extra small Dolfin shorts, a tank top and leg warmers, I get a little upset….

At first I was just doing Sir Cliff at weekends, but now I’ve quit my job to do this full-time. It might last only until the 80th, but for now I’m having fun.