Recently, while sorting through old papers, postcards, notebooks…the ephemera of an earlier part of my life…this intepretOr stumbled upon negatives of New York, summer 1989….Hahahhh, I thought, if I’m not mistaken, among shots taken (on quite good Ilford b+w film) were the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center…I stayed with Korean American friends who lived in the WTC complex…the main entrance of which was an atrium with large indoor palm trees…all pretty surreal, but hey, when in NY…


jamesh 1989

The lines that you can see (right of pic) going up, uP and UP were metre+ thick steel girders – capped with some shiny metal – and each metre-thick piece of steel was a thousand+ foot in length. There were at least 50 girders on each of the four sides of each building…so 200+ thousand-feet vertical steel girders per Tower…I don’t have a particularly mathy mind, but I find myself looking at this photograph and wondering…what…the…fxxx?