Liberal Immigration Spokesperson Scott Morrison has unleashed a new policy that shows that the Liberal Party has crossed a significant line into world of fascism. The Liberals will legislate take away the right of refugees to access the courts. In an effort to show they are tough on border protection, the Liberals, ably assisted by the Murdoch press, are using a classic fascist method of politics. It is the politics of fear. The proposed legislation will dismantle another group of protections  from the International covenant on Human Rights.

The first tool in the classic fascist toolbox is to create fear and confusion in the populace and that fear must have a face. For many Germans, the fear was economic uncertainty that was easy to understand because the long struggle for dominance between the Axis and Allied forces had resulted in harsh economic conditions for millions of Europeans.

In Germany the face of this fear was the Roma’s and the Jew’s for opposite reasons. The Jews were very successful in business and in the professions and in many cases they were easily identifiable because of their non European names. Also because they were not Christian Aryans like the great majority, their cultural behaviour was different.The Roma’s were seen as a drain on the community because they were poor and their cultural difference even more obvious than the Jews. Because of their poverty they were percieved as a drain on the majority and a threat to their Lutheran morality.

 Abbott and his shadow minister Morrison have employed the same deceptive language to deny judicial revue to asylum seekers as the Gestapo and the Nazi secret police Kripo used to imprison Jews, Roma’s, homosexuals and others they decided as unworthy to be part of the German nation. 

The United States Holocaust Museum described the situation in its online Holocaust Encyclopedia:

 The Gestapo was empowered to use “protective custody” (Schutzhaft) to incarcerate indefinitely, without specific charge or trial, persons deemed to be potentially dangerous to the security of the Reich. Protective custody had been introduced in the German general law code before World War I to detain individuals for their own protection or to avert an immediate security threat if there were no other recourse. Now the Gestapo employed protective custody to arrest political opponents and, later, Jews, as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses who, because of religious conviction, refused to swear an oath to the Nazi German state or to serve in the armed forces. Individuals detained under protective custody were incarcerated either in prisons or concentration camps; within two months of the Reichstag Fire Decree, the Gestapo had arrested and imprisoned more than 25,000 people in Prussia alone.

It is clear that the Labor Government and the Liberal National Opposition have swung Australian politics to the far right. After five years of fear mongering and abuse, Oppositions policies, relationships and tactics now fulfill 13 of the 14 characteristics of a fascist state.

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Unfortunately the nation subject to this fear campaign and a dumbing down process by the media, is set to vote for their first fascist government. If Morrison can set a legal precedent in denying human rights to refugees, unionists, environmental activists and foes of an Abbott Governmenmt may experience a similar fate.