Yesterday, the Greens stepped forward with their position on mental health, calling on more sessions of psychological care to be made available to those who need them….

…Earlier today, the Chair of the Australian Mental Health Commission (AMHC) and the Chair of the Mental Health Council of Australia both called on our politicians to recognise the unspoken need for urgent reform. As Professor Allan Fels said in his statement, “This deafening silence on mental health cannot be justified”.

The ‘Alliance for Better Access’ is recognised by the major parties as a stakeholder on this significant issue of public concern, but right now we need all sides of politics to tell us what they intend to do ahead of the election. Join us in calling for policy reform. Tell our politicians that mental health matters to you leading up to the election.

You can find out how this issue is developing at and have your say.

Please spread the word. Every voice makes a difference!

Dr Ben Mullings, Alliance for Better Access