Blinded by the military medals  Australia’s mainstream media seems to have missed the clumsy sleight of hand by  Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.  Major Morrison, has stressed in his military style briefings that we need to keep all refugee information a secret because the people smugglers will get valuable insight into his military manoeuvers if he tells us the truth. “More importantly if the voters find out what a bungling fool I am I will be up for the order of the boot at the next election” he said..

On assuming his role as the Defender of Australian Faith from the Muslim hordes Major Morrison had told us that he wanted to send a message to people smugglers and would be “illegals” that there was no chance of getting into Australia by boat. How you send a message by keeping your actions a top-secret is difficult to understand.

Clearly the three boats that recently arrived at Darwin were either not aware of the steel curtain the Major has thrown around Australia or they have found some holes in the curtain that need darning. Loose lips bring ships may be the motto but the practice is harder.

Could it be the Australian voters that Major Morrison wants to keep in in the dark because what we don’t know won’t hurt him at the ballot box.

However we can be assured that the close relationship that Major Morrison, Mr Abbott and the Minister for Affairs Julie Bishop have built up with the Indonesian Government will ensure full cooperation in forcing Indonesia to hold onto most of the regions refugees rather than upsetting Mr Abbott’s re-election plan.