…well worth a squizz…’the trial of Donald Rumsfeld’…a prosecution by book…

“A gripping expose of the systematic, premeditated crimes of Rumsfeld and his colleagues – crimes against humanity more shocking than any committed by U.S. officials in this generation. If we push back against state-sanctioned torture and the tyranny that always, historically, follows upon it, we will have Ratner and his brave team at the Center for Constitutional Rights substantially to thank. An indispensable document and page-turning human story.”

-NAOMI WOLF, author of The End of America

“Michael Ratner is a hero. This book will be required reading for all of Donald Rumsfeld’s lawyers and travel agents – he’ll have to check twice before leaving the country if he hopes to stay out of prison. To war criminals walking free among us, beware: Ratner and the Center for Constitutional Rights are on the case! ”

-AMY GOODMAN, host of Democracy Now!