A feeling of urgency is in the wind.

It tugs at you impatient to move on

Like your growing child leaving home

With no intention of truly returning

There is a strange remoteness in it too

It speaks of wild foreign shores

Of an antiquity beyond knowledge.

Your gardens blooms lack vibrancy now

Less radiant than yesterday’s memory

Like the rejection of an estranged father

The sun has silently dispossessed them

Removed them from its warm memory

From its abundant benevolence and

Leaves wither and take on a rusty hue

That speaks of mortality and passing

An ineluctable end point is emerging

Beyond being rescued even by love

In you there is sadness and yearning

And fear that nothing can remain the same

All things you know are passing now

Into memories and a inescapable future

That is at once terrible and thrilling

You know now life is as certain as death

Jim Scott