The political strategy of Tony Abbott and his team is to disguise the reality of their economic policies, the basis of their policies is summarised by the quotation on conservatism by the much decorated economist JK Galbraith.

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

The policies put forward by Abbot are in effect an economic chocolate wheel for the wealthy corporations that are funding his election campaign. The prizes for the rich are to be paid for by the poor and middle class serfs of Australia.

With Rupert Murdoch as chief spruiker, the wealthy are rolling up to get their spin as Ruperts propaganda team is convincing the punters that Tony will rescue them from the wretched position visited upon them by the socialists and transport them to a field of dreams occupied by kindly benefactors and Cardinal Pell to preserve our morality. Let jovial Joe run you through the good times ahead.

So come on you suckers, you strugglers you unworthy beings roll up and give generously to Gina and Twiggy, Rupert and James, suck on your ciggies the fun is about to begin.

With the first spin the big winners are our coal barons and polluters. We can’t have them slipping in the world rich list can we. It would be un-Australian. Lets not have the polluters pay lets all of us suckers give the rich an even break and put our hands in our pockets to relieve these great Australians of this burden. Will Phillip Morris land on the less tobacco tax symbol?

Global warming you say, and health cost of pollution ? You know thats all rubbish dreamed up by Greenies and academics, especially those greedy scientists. Anyway it would only cost you about 3 grand a year. You won’t even notice it has gone. Just think of the glory if Gina and Clive get to the top of the league table. Sorry there’s only crumbs left for you.

Now we can’t let the wowsers ruin the tobacco farmers can we. Sure they live in the USA but they are our mates and we Aussies look after our mates. Look at Rupert we let him monopolise our media and he gives generously to our campaigns, just like the cigarette companies. Thanks Phillip its money well spent.

You are going to love our parental leave policies. It is your chance to support our elite get time out to look after their kids and still be able to put them through their lovely private schools. We must cherish our elites because they make this country what it is. It would be a tragedy if the socialists were to get in and reverse the flow of wealth back to the poor and needy. The poor are used to hardships and they don’t work hard enough for this country.

You will be pleased to know that we will not throw all that money away trying to give every child a good education regardless of their parents social and economic status. You know that it doesn’t work andwould only make them want to mix with the higher classes if they get into the university. This country needs people to dig ditches and other nasty jobs and that would depress people of a better class.

This brings me to the health system. All that digging and labouring makes people really strong and happy so the poor don’t really need hospital care and psychoanalysing. The rich on the other hand are more sensitive, so we are going to divert money from the public system into private health. This will make sure that the people that create wealth can get on with the job.

Well we have a lot more policies to make up and also we have to make up a budget figure that looks like it might balance, so just watch our advertisements and get back to work. After all we don’t get anything for nothing do we?