The neat, tidy, orderly, church-going Tony Abbott facade belies the reality of the brutal narcissist and Murdoch confidante, with his salivating sidekick, the gutless faux-macho scott morrison – bullying and demeaning the defenceless whilst simultaneously spruiking ‘Christian’ values on his putrid website. They make me feel almost ashamed to be a man.

Here at the interpretOr, we’ve actually met and interviewed real refugees – fellow human beings – our sisters and brothers on planet Earth – and they have asked us why? Why? Why? Why? Why do they not understand our plight?

Here is a challenge to Abbott + Morrison, and K Rudd – have you not been briefed on the situation on the ground in Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq…? If so, why are you playing politics IN THE KNOWLEDGE that our fellow human beings have witnessed their friends and  family members having eyeballs plucked out, genitals mutilated…Were you not briefed that in certain provinces of Afghanistan, if you don’t flee for your life, you may be captured and skinned alive?

Distressing to read or think about…

…but this is the real refugee dilemna.