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Over the last decade we have seen the rapid decline in the standards of the traditional purveyors of information. In Australia, we seem to be leading the race to the bottom. The broadsheets that once provided serious commentary and reasonably accurate information are owned by massive monopolistic corporations. These corporations have the central aim to earn profits and peddle influence.

Our newspapers are staffed by lazy, compliant journalists who are eager to please their paymasters and who faithfully reproduce and recycle the same stories from the same sources. They are written in the same style and generally with the same emphasis. Often they use name calling employing the same clichéd descriptions to denigrate their targets. Modern journalists will rarely bother with an important and complex but uncontroversial story if a good scandal is available as an alternative.

It now appears that a new low point is being reached as mining magnates, Gina Hancock and Clive Palmer are proposing to buy up newspapers and, at least in the case of Hancock, the aim is to control the flow of information to the public in their own interest. The main driver appears to be to get rid of the mining tax and the carbon tax. Hancock may also want to control information regarding her family power struggles. She is a serial litigant against her former step mother and now her children.

Hancock is one of the financial backers of the bogus “Lord” Munkton who is on a highly paid tour of the world using misinformation to protect the incomes of mining magnates who want to continue to pollute the planet and not pay recompense for the damage they cause or for expenses they are pushing off on others.

There is little doubt these incredibly wealthy magnates will use their media influence to protect their companies assets against any government that stands in their way.

Murdoch has for some time been moving his monopolistic media holdings towards being the first international media “Big Brother”. News Limited  keeps politicians in fear of its influence and ready to comply with its corporate agenda even when that agenda is clearly not in the interest of the state and its people. Hancock and Palmer are aiming to follow his footsteps, at least in Australia.

It is clear that like Pravda in the communist Soviet Union, our mainstream media is an enemy of the truth and thereby an enemy of the people. Our media distorts news to prevent governments working in the public interest.

How can a healthy democracy survive when the information it relies upon to make important decisions and judgements is demonstrably false and where the media champions the causes of those opposed to the truth?

“IF you thought liberal snobs were insufferable enough already, with their tendency to view anyone who disagrees with them as dumb and dangerous, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” (Brendan O’Neill – 11/12 Feb 2012)

OOOOhh, Brendan.

So, a Murdochite, neoCON mining pamphleteer finds us insufferable. Where would your freedom to express yourself be without “liberal snobs” such as John Stuart Mill, Thomas Paine, Voltaire…err, Charles Dickens?

Liberal, with a small l, is not a dirty word. What’s really dumb and dangerous is yet more wannabee Fox News style propaganda in our only national broadsheet. Liberal, with a big L? Filthy.

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