The leader of the amusingly named Australian Liberal Party has made a stunning break-through in the field of political thought. Mr Abbott has discovered the political theory of everything. No matter what the issue, the ingenious new theory enables Mr Abbott to provide the perfect solution.

Difficult problems as wide apart as global warming, gay marriage, industrial relations, the strength of the Australian economy, who should be the next pope, and even the existence of Malcolm Turnbull are miraculously dissolved by the new theory.

Mr Abbot, who is assiduously applying his single solution to every problem, called a press conference to unveil his new plan. “You don’t need to worry about policy development just elect me Prime Minister and the problems are instantaneously solved” he explained exultantly.

The only lingering doubts about Mr Abbott’s brilliant solution have been expressed by his Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb, who said “It sounds fantastic but we can’t afford to introduce it until the next term of government”. He was supported by Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey who would like to delay the implementation as he was still  looking for another another reputable cake shop to test the budget implications.

In further breaking news it is understood that Mr Abbott revealed he has sought approval of the Labor Party caucus to put his name forward at Mondays leadership ballot, as a viable  third choice to Juia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

“Aah look”, he said. “This might seem a strange idea but it would save the nation the cost of another election and save me from having to make up lots more of that policy bullshit. Even better, I wouldn’t even have to talk to bloody Rob Oakshot, and Tony Windsor or Andrew Wilkie and Bob Brown.”