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Judith Bares Her Teeth

The latest right wing darling of economics, Judith Sloane, recently revealed her darker side on the ABCs’  Q@A program. Judith was angry about the Gillard Goverment getting rid of “Work Choices” and creating Fair Work Australia. When asked about Tony Abott being reticent about bringing back unfair individual contracts, Judith’s fangs were revealed when she snarled “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” . It was a chilling moment for working people, as Judith is likely to be at least an adviser to any future Liberal government.

Utss vurry nice, yuss. Uts a nice reward for surving thu communiteee….”Krusss, more of those cut buscuts ailse 8 right hund saeed!!” “Yuss buss” “Good mun, good chop”

Accch, just look et thet wrrrrutchud story. Wrrrutchud end so unfear.

IGA and the Community Chest: the supermarket franchise holder spends more on mobile car valet for his $300,000 Mercedes than their community chest – emblazoned on the back wall within view of each and every queuing then paying shopper…“cheese, cheese, pic, caption: “so far this year, we’ve raised $98 for an 11 kilo bag of brussel sprouts.”

The most hideous signage hangs above the tills with a gummy head shot of a ‘local’ and a caption of “how the locals like it.” Well, I’m local and my opinion is actually “I don’t fuckin’ like it, not one little bit”. Apples at $8 per kilo – July last saw my daughter and I stay with friends who live on Hong Kong Island – even in the swanky hills, apples in the local franchise supermarket place were about 2 bucks a kilo.

It’s so annoying to actually have to expend energy ranting on about fruit, but it’s Mr IGA’s Mercedes obsession that is at the heart of the matter. Something rotten in the fruit & veg dept. If he would only settle for a nice, shiny Toyota.  What about a Prius? Or a bike…or IGA Tuk-tuk to run the shopping back for older folks?

$49.99 per kilo for garluc is a reflection of increased burrowing costs, putrull, uncreasung sheer holder value…

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