Utss vurry nice, yuss. Uts a nice reward for surving thu communiteee….”Krusss, more of those cut buscuts ailse 8 right hund saeed!!” “Yuss buss” “Good mun, good chop”

Accch, just look et thet wrrrrutchud story. Wrrrutchud end so unfear.

IGA and the Community Chest: the supermarket franchise holder spends more on mobile car valet for his $300,000 Mercedes than their community chest – emblazoned on the back wall within view of each and every queuing then paying shopper…“cheese, cheese, pic, caption: “so far this year, we’ve raised $98 for an 11 kilo bag of brussel sprouts.”

The most hideous signage hangs above the tills with a gummy head shot of a ‘local’ and a caption of “how the locals like it.” Well, I’m local and my opinion is actually “I don’t fuckin’ like it, not one little bit”. Apples at $8 per kilo – July last saw my daughter and I stay with friends who live on Hong Kong Island – even in the swanky hills, apples in the local franchise supermarket place were about 2 bucks a kilo.

It’s so annoying to actually have to expend energy ranting on about fruit, but it’s Mr IGA’s Mercedes obsession that is at the heart of the matter. Something rotten in the fruit & veg dept. If he would only settle for a nice, shiny Toyota.  What about a Prius? Or a bike…or IGA Tuk-tuk to run the shopping back for older folks?

$49.99 per kilo for garluc is a reflection of increased burrowing costs, putrull, uncreasung sheer holder value…