the Sun is going dOwn…

“Five senior journalists are held in police corruption probe amid speculation over future of the Sun”

The deputy editor, Geoff Webster, chief reporter John Kay, picture editor John Edwards, chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker and deputy news editor John Sturgis were arrested in early morning raids on suspicion of bribing police and public officials. There was also a search of the Sun‘s offices. A Surrey police officer, a member of the armed forces and a Ministry of Defence employee were also arrested.  (source: the Guardian)

Phone hacking may be the tip of the News iceberg, as the Sun and stablemates were instrumental in selling Gulf War II on false premises. Rupert Murdoch is back in London amidst speculation that the Sun, Britain’s biggest selling tabloid daily, is going down.

The Sun was cheerleader for successive conservative and neo fascist US Presidents – Showbiz Ron, George Herbert, Dubya – and never missed the opportunity to bully, humiliate and demean. Jingoistic and xenophobic, it made Fox News seem like the Waltons.

It is the Norb Fones of newspapers.

May it set forever.

The Sun became an ardent supporter of Margaret Thatcher and Conservative Party policies and actions, including the Falklands War. The coverage “captured the zeitgeist”, according to Roy Greenslade, Assistant Editor at the time though privately an opponent of the war, but also “xenophobic, bloody-minded, ruthless, often reckless, black-humoured and ultimately triumphalist.”[20] One of the paper’s best known front pages, published on 4 May 1982, appeared to celebrate the news of the torpedoing of the Argentine ship the General Belgrano during the Falklands War by running the story under the headline “GOTCHA”.[21] The headline was changed for later editions when the extent of Argentine casualties became known.[22]Sunday Times reporter John Shirley witnessed copies of this edition of The Sun being thrown overboard by sailors and marines on HMS Fearless.[23] (source: Wikipedia )