On 20th August, 2011, the interpretOr published a story concerning the origins of the incongruous friendship between Tony Blair and George W Bush and sourced the majority of the piece from John Kampfner of the New Statesman and other authoritative UK media sources…a Scot named Willy Gammell the mutual childhood friend of both former leaders.

The Gammell family’s Cairn Energy linked with the Bush family back in the 1950’s, and is also closely aligned with Cheney’s Halliburton and the Carlyle Group – all major beneficiaries of the invasion of Iraq. Further investigation by the interpretOr led us to discover that Willy Gammell, (the Bush/Blair mutual childhood friend) has a younger brother, Peter. 

Peter Gammell is a Non-Executive Director of Australia’s own Seven West Media – the group has interests in Australian newspapers (including the West Australian), Pacific Magazines, Yahoo 7 and the Seven Network. In addition, the group’s other media related investments include Sky News (33.3%), OzTAM (33.3%), TX Australia (33.3%).

This is not conjecture or conspiracy ‘theory’. In addition to John Kampfner of the New Statesman, these associations have been publicly documented by Russ Baker, who has written for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Nation, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice and Esquire and dozens of other major domestic and foreign publications. He has also served as a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review.

Wikipedia: In 2007, Stokes formed a joint venture with The Carlyle Group to acquire the equipment hire group Coates Hire Ltd from National Hire Ltd (over 50% owned by WesTrac).

AUSTRALIAN SENATORS HAVE BEEN BRIEFED by the interpretOr on this significant development.


Our earlier 20th Aug 2011 piece:

“John Kampfner was a political correspondent and commentator for the BBC and Financial Times and is currently Political Editor of the New Statesman. He has exposed the origins of the link and subsequent bond between former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and ex President George W Bush. A young George W Bush spent a summer on the Perthshire (Scotland) family farm of the Gammell family. Young Willy Gammell became a childhood and lifelong friend of George W, oh…and young Willy Gammell was also one of Blair’s closest school friends at the elite Fettes College in Edinburgh.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction…”   Bliar’s incongruous friendship with George W Bush originated in the school playground…